About Us

Who we are

S&P Construction Services is a construction company specializing in design, manufacturing and erection of steel structures mainly but not only within WtE and biomass sector. Our strengths are not only limited to sheer steel but we can also offer demanding solution within Geberit Mapress piping. We are able to provide highly qualified welders, fitters, piping specialists as well as rope access technicians.

What we can offer

 We can coordinate entire poject life cycle from preparing static calculations and following workshop drawings to fabrication of steel structure, applicable surface treatment (painting or HDG), transportation on site and final step which is erection of steel components.

Our team

S&P relies team of project managers, engineers, designers and site supervisors who have worked in high-profile projects across entire Europe for biggest players within renewable energy branch (e.g Plymouth WtE power plant, Bremen WtE power plant, Spremberg WtE power plant, Zwickau Biomass power plant, Speyside Biomass power plant, Bad Arolsen Biomass power plant, Iggesund WtE power plant, Oulu power plant.)

We are there

We are offering our services in Poland and abroad especially in:

  • Western Europe,

  • United Kingdom,

  • Scandinavian countries.

Steel Structures

S&P Construction Services workshop  capacity reaches 110 tons per month. We are able to fabricate simple steel structures profiles as well as more difficult components like chutes, hoppers, ducts, etc. We have been granted EN 1090-2 and PN-EN ISO 3834 certificates.
Beside above – mentioned we can deliver gratings acc. to DIN 24537 and steps acc. DIN 24531 (hot dip galvanized) in the following types and bespoke mesh sizes:
          – Welded – KOZ
          – Pressed – KOP
          – Anti-skid (non-slippery) – XKOZ
          – Spanish type
 S&P Construction Services manufactures not only carbon steel components but also stainless steel parts like:
          – Pipes
          – Smooth and checker plates
          – Handrails
          – Chutes
          – Others
 We offer high quality surface treatment including hot dip galvanization and full array of painting systems (C1-C5i) basing on paint from well-known European producers like Tikkurila, Hempel, Jotun, International, etc.

Stainless Steel

S&P Construction Services has numerous times proved above-average quality of stainless steel components to its Clients. This type of steel in increasingly popular in food, beverage and medical industry and in all places where immaculate sterility is rigid and stern requirement are required. Stainless steel is also known from its durability and resistance to aggressive and highly corrosive environment. We in S&P do not fear quality verification of our products:
          – Platforms, frames and other supporting structures
          – Handrails and ladders
          – Pipes and ducts
          – Chutes and hatches
If you want to check our quality please use below form and send us a drawing  (dwg or pdf ) with exemplary stainless steel component . We will check it and come back to you immediately to supply you with a sample piece for free.

    Erection and Maintenance

    S&P Construction Services perceives erection services as a vital and crucial part of its business activities. Our welders and fitters boasts years of hands-on experience in WtE, biomass, petrochemical and energy sector. Their vast knowledge and practical skills make them right men for various types of assembly tasks within Clients’ projects.
    We are always willing to help our business partners not only in substantial projects but also in small once often comprising of minor platforms, supporting structure as well as mobilisation of 2-3 fitters for short period of time which might not be worth effort for others but not for us.
     Our erection teams possess all necessary safety passports like e.g.:
              – CSCS (MAP)
              – CCNSG
              – VCA/SCC
              – SSSTS
              – Hot Works
              – PASMA
              – SSG
              – IOSH
              – Appointed Person
              – Lift Supervisor
    In S&P Construction Services we realize that not all projects ends at point when commissioning has been successfully carried out. Quite often many Companies and Clients need qualified manpower to deal with minor issues occurred right after plant ribbon-cutting ceremony is over. For S&P flexibility has always been one of the most important assets we were offering to our Clients that is why we can provide very small fitters crew for repairing and fixing jobs. Maintenance invariably means better availability and accessibility for requested areas after plant improvements and upgrades – we can help our Clients in that too.

    Process Piping

    Skilled pipe fitters and certified welders perform all facets of piping replacement and new installation – pipe fitting with screws and welds of matching materials and applications like:
              – Carbon steel – high pressure fittings screwed and welded
              – Stainless steel – welded, pressed and screwed (Mapress)
              – Plastic – e.g. Masterflex
    Experienced project managers and engineers backed on site by erection teams vast knowledge and expertise ensures successful installation in our projects. We have worked in fields like:
              – Pneumatic or hydraulic conveying systems
              – High and low pressure piping
              – Air and nitrogen installation
              – Water and flue gas treatment systems
              – Plumbing and heating
              – Installation of measuring instruments, nozzles, supports

    Geberit Mapress System

    We offer installation of Geberit’s pipes of Mapress System. Press fitting is perceived as innovative because, unlike its rivals, it involves no hot works or hazardous substances.
    This technique involves making joints by inserting the pipe and fitting together and pressing the fitting socket and the pipe using either a hand-operated or an electrical press-fitting tool. The key advantage of press fitting is the reduction of installation time which in turn leads to other benefits. Mapress Geberit’s metallic pipework press-fitting system typically takes less than half the time of traditional threaded steel jointing systems.
    Installation time is reduced in several areas. Jointing is a simple process – cut the pipe to size, debur the inside and outside, mark the socket insertion depth on the pipe, push the pipe into the socket of the fitting, then press the joint and connecting pipe using the pressing tool. Immediately, the most time-consuming process of traditional methods is removed, whether it will be threading, soldering or welding.

    Plastic Piping Systems

    We are providing a wide range of plastic pipes service to our Clients. These services are offered at leading market prices. We are able to mount plastic pipes in different shapes, sizes and specifications to meet the international quality standards:
              – ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)
              – CPVC (Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride)
              – PE (Polyethylene)
              – PEX (Cross-linked Polyethylene)
              – PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)
    With rich industry experience in this domain, we can perform these services as per the simple specification provided by the Client.


    In assembly activities we use state-of-the-art equipment which combined with hands-on knowledge of our foreman’s and fitters’ makes us perfect business partner for your projects.

    Rope Access

    Rope Access is the most versatile of new access methods. It is used for a widen variety of activities like painting of steel structure,construction works, maintenance works on offshore platforms, inspections and cleaning.  The safe and efficient techniques are used to reach all inaccessible areas. The advantages of rope access lies in the speed in which the ropes can be set up and skills of  rope acces technicians. Alternatives to rope access, such as scaffolding can be expensive, time consuming, disruptive and often not fit for purpose. Rope access also offers an impressive safety record.
    All S&P rope access technicians are fully qualified and operate within the guidelines of the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA).
     Rope access is best known as proven, reliable and most of all safe method of working at heights.

    Personnel Outsourcing

    S&P Construction Services offer encompasses also personnel outscoring. The benefits offered by outsourcing include:
              – considerable improvement in your cost structure,
              – reduction in labour costs,
              – reduction and simplification of administrative tasks,
              – more efficient and simple personnel management.
    Personnel outsourcing offer was an response to the request of our Clients for provision of contract staff and personnel in a less permanent form. Our people are well trained and equipped, ready to immediate engage in the daily basis activities of our Clients. We are able to provide both high and low level personnel in the following specialist positions:
              – Site manager and supervisor
              – HSE manager and adviser
              – Quality control officer (VT/PT/MT/UT/RT/ET)
              – Rope access technician
              – Welder
              – Steel structure fitter
              – Industrial and plastic pipe fitter
              – Industrial isolation fitter
              – Scaffolder
              – Civil worker, carpenter, crane operator and other technician and building professions.

    Policies and Certificates

    S&P Construction Services Sp. z o. o.
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