Geberit Mapress System

We offer installation of Geberit’s pipes of Mapress System. Press fitting is perceived as innovative because, unlike its rivals, it involves no hot works or hazardous substances.
This technique involves making joints by inserting the pipe and fitting together and pressing the fitting socket and the pipe using either a hand-operated or an electrical press-fitting tool. The key advantage of press fitting is the reduction of installation time which in turn leads to other benefits. Mapress Geberit’s metallic pipework press-fitting system typically takes less than half the time of traditional threaded steel jointing systems.
Installation time is reduced in several areas. Jointing is a simple process – cut the pipe to size, debur the inside and outside, mark the socket insertion depth on the pipe, push the pipe into the socket of the fitting, then press the joint and connecting pipe using the pressing tool. Immediately, the most time-consuming process of traditional methods is removed, whether it will be threading, soldering or welding.